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I am currently writing a message on my friends behalf. He messaged tech support and you guys responded yet it did not fix any issues. Incident: 130218-001998 ; His name is Daniel Snell and his account is registered to [email protected] The password you gave him does not work. I find this alittle bit disturbing considering he has bought the game and has not been able to play in two days. Please get a customer support line, it would be the best route to continue peoples interest in guild wars 2. Thank you.


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Hello Macethebarbarian,

first of all, I just edited the email address as it is better to keep that kind of private information out of the forums. Second, we do have an Account Issues subforum where this kind of questions seem more fitting. Third, if the ticket is still open and he wants it to be taken as a priority, you or he can post the reference number and a brief description in the following sticky thread. If the ticked is shown as closed he could issue a new one, referring to the one already sent and adding that he´s still experiencing the same problem. Rest assured that Customer Support will help him out.

We proceed to close the thread now.