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After many in-game tickets and threads on the forums, i have yet to receive an answer to any of my questions and submitted bugs.
For me the tech support is non-existend!
This is the first game i ever played where i feel totally left alone when it comes to bugs and problems.
I totally understand if i have to wait a few days, or even a week, for an answer, but no answer at all, thats unacceptable!
Anybody from my guild and friends list got the same experience, not a single report was answered.
How can that be?

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Hello TheRudeDude.

Just for clarification. When you submit a report using the in-game reporting tools or even the ticketing system you should not expect a personal answer from the team. That does not mean that they are not there, on the contrary, we appreciate all the bug reports that you guys are sending us and they are helping us to carry on with the good work. Now, if you sent tickets to our Customer Support thing with account/technical issues and got no answer, then proceed to write those unanswered tickets (reference number and brief description) in the following sticky thread.

In any case, we will forward your feedback to the team.
And we close the thread. Thanks for your understanding.