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I’m brand new to GW2, well Guild Wars in general. I usually play FFXIV but while the server’s down for the next month gonna be active here and then just play both I guess (Triple screen nerdism yay?)

Anyway, don’t have any friends to play this with so kinda been roaming the lands looking for random copper mining points. I tried out the maps that I found through google, however when I get to those locations, there aren’t any nodes there :/

I then read something about the locations being different for each person or something? Like even if someone mines a node, it will be there for the next person anyway. I have no idea if that affects anything but uhh yeah lol.

My character is Human-Darkhaven server. So I’m at Queensdale. Thanks

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Hello everyone.

Thanks for all your tips and suggestions for Basahra (welcome to Tyria and the official forums, by the way!). Since the main question has been answered then, we proceed to close the thread.