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Hi everyone,

I’ve been playing Guild Wars 2 for a long time, and I really enjoy the amazing soundtrack, but I can’t find anywhere a song/theme which is one of my favourite; I’ve all the original soundtrack but I wasn’t able to find it. It’s a peaceful theme played by an harpischord/musical box that shades into a strings melody, always referring to the main theme.
I’ve heard this song many times and not only in a specific area but in :

_ The Grove
_ Sparkly Fen (when I wasn’t in combat)
_ Metrica Province (after I’ve just created a new Asura, he was lvl 2)
_ Brisban Wildlands
_ Rata Sum

When I hear this theme I’m never in combat, I’m just exploring or enjoying the area and the ambientation.
Plus it never lasts more than 30 seconds / 1 minute.

If you could help me finding the title, you’ll make me a huge favour !

Thank you so much, have a nice day

P.S.: It’s not “Out of the Dream” / “A Land Restored” or “The Vaults of the Priory”

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Hello everyone.

Hermes, thanks for that answer. Since the question has been answered, we proceed to close the thread.