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But everytime I run into a thief in PVP and WVW, they never seem to run out of it. Its so boring fighting a spell spammer with a class that actually has cooldowns. I thought there was a limit, like certain spells cost a certain amount of initiative, but every time, there’s a thief that can easily spam spells over and over, while I’m waiting for cooldowns on all my spells. I"m sorry, but thieves need to be removed from this game, or given regular cooldowns like every other class, because this initiative stuff is just complete bull.

And don’t give me that “Thieves are fragile” thing, because they have at least 50 evade/strikes that don’t charge endurance, so that’s extra dodges, and two or three stealth moves, and one of them is also the healing move. Give us stealth detection that doesn’t involve spamming AOE spells and praying that it gets them.

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Hello everyone.

As Incurafy has pointed out, we created this thread here in order to gather all your feedback about the thief gameplay. I will close now this one and would ask you to keep your discussions there in order to avoid duplicates. It is also easier for the team to read all your feedback in one single thread.

Thanks for your understanding.