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from twitter:
Colin: There will be 5 types of guild missions built with influence. Bounty is one of them, available in different difficulties #foodwars

Colin: Modifications to the commander book are coming, with more features. Will remain character bound #foodwars

Colin: Looking at new player experiences and continually making the game accessible for them as it launches in new regions #foodwars

Colin: WvW updates will not introduce new skills. Will bring passive abilities aimed towards group play eg. Extra supply #foodwars

Colin: All the bosses in AC have been completely rebuilt for the February release. Some of the open world champions will be too

Colin: Orange swords in WvW won’t show if there are less than ~25 people after February’s update (unsure exact number) #foodwars

@PoisonedAce Nope, just more interesting and less boring. Think of fractals encounters. ~Tilion [regarding AC]

Colin: Guild missions will be taking place in Southsun Cove #foodwars

Colin: There will be other legendaries in the future. Priority is resolving ways to get precursors, including the scavenger hunt 1/2

Colin: Possibility of new legendary types (ie not weapons) and combinations. #foodwars


Detailed transcription here:

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I hope the guild missions will be available in the whole open world, and not just Southsun Cove! Because i didn’t think it was fun fighting the Veteran Karka. They are more annoying (so not fun) than dungeon boss’s.

They’re spread throughout the game. We did add a bunch to Southsun Cove, though. Lot’s of underused space.