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DESCRIPTION: I team up with an elementalist and part of our tactic is using his conjured weapons. Sadly it disappears instantly (skills swap etc but it goes straight back to my pistols) it seems to be whenever a ranged weapon is using it’s auto attack, it overrides the conjured weapon, and removes it.

The stacks are still there but the weapon is gone until the stacks are gone (it never comes back.) the same thing happens to the ice bow.

Oddly enough though this only started recently (past two days.) and wasn’t an issue before.


SUMMERY: Conjured weapons disappear whenever the player is using ranged weapons (Auto-attack or not, standing still or moving doesn’t help either.)

OTHER ISSUES: This issue might be connected to the “moving while picking up objects” bug (running past the item, when using F.)

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Thanks for the detailed report! We’ll take a look at this and see what comes up.