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Odd question, but if all Sylvari are related, and we have Male and Female gender, which would indicate Sylvari’s have some sort of intimacy. Does that make us all inbred? =S

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People in this thread seemed to be taking the terminology used in the game way too literally, so I talked to our lore masters, and here is what they had to say:

ArenaNet Lore Team

Sylvari don’t breed like humans do, so they can’t inbreed like humans do. When they call the Pale Tree “Mother” it’s more like Mother Earth—we are all “children” of this godlike concept, but calling them such does not make us all related by blood.

“Incest” is a very mammalian taboo and one that doesn’t apply to sylvari. Because sylvari don’t reproduce in the same hierarchical manner as mammals, they don’t have to worry about reducing a gene pool to dangerous levels. They don’t have brothers or sisters like humans do, nor do they have true parents. They are brothers and sisters in the same way we are all brothers and sisters within the human race, whether of the same parents or not. The Pale Tree calls the sylvari her “children” because they are born through her, but you can’t compare humans with sylvari in that way and extrapolate that all sylvari are siblings.

So there you go.