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The Warrior bug thread isn’t being maintained by anyone and going by recent patches isn’t being looked at. Other classes have an organised bug thread run by the community and receive bug updates, and dispute me compiling all of the known bugs into a comprehensive list in two places (one in the “official” Warrior bug thread and one in the Game Bugs forum, which was merged into the original bug thread by the moderators) the Warrior has still only received a small handful of bug fixes. Could well be that due to the information being buried in the old thread, so hopefully this will resolve that and provide ArenaNet with a clear and concise list to work from.

So, in the hopes of emulating the success of the other classes’ bug threads, I’m going to start the Warrior one. It will be maintained for as long as possible/necessary. Should the bug list get down to a few outstanding issues then I won’t bother, but all the while the list is at 60+ I will of course keep on top of it. Please keep in mind that I have a full-time job and a part-time life, so the original thread won’t be updated the second you post something.

Please follow these to make my life, other poster’s lives and ArenaNet’s lives easier.

1. Check the list of outstanding bugs before replying. If the bug is already listed and you have nothing more to add, don’t reply. The bug will be removed from the list when it is removed from the game.

2. Outside of a few quality of life changes, this is not the thread for Warrior buffs/nerfs. Have a useful idea to fix a bug (such as charges overshooting at the like)? Fine. Want 100 blades to be useable on the move? Not for this thread.

3. If you find a new bug, please post it here with as much information as possible. Useful information includes whether the bug requires a particular combination of traits/buffs/conditions/gear/etc, whether it only works against certain targets, etc. If you can’t provide detailed analysis, just post the circumstances that caused you to experience the bug and other players should be able to work out the exact issue.

4. Another patch came out with no bug fixes? Complain somewhere else. Want to slag off ArenaNet? Do it somewhere else. OMG GUARDIAN BUFFS?!?! Don’t care.

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Hi everyone,

As this thread is not updated anymore, we’ll now close it and ask you to post on this one in order to gather all the bugs that you might encounter when playing a warrior.