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Foremost warning: This is a rant

Whenever I WvW and a cannon or mortar unmanned while the enemy is right in front of us I shake my head, it seems to me that people clearly don’t understand how powerful these things are against siege and infantry.

I lost track of the time where I’ve taken a T3 towers with catapults and rams, only to find that on my way up the stairs to find that the mortar is left untouched, knowing fully well that it could’ve taken out our siege in under a minute. I’ve also been on the receiving end of such situation, ending into a tower/keep under attack only to find people staring at the door while doing nothing and not manning inner mortars or doing something useful, its completely infuriating to find these people so ignorant of essential WvW elements (manning siege, keep 10 supplies on personal at all times).

Another problem I see is that people preemptively dump all their supplies and even the keeps supplies at times during a siege before the outer layer even falls, that supplies needs to be reserved to rebuild the gate AFTER you clear out the zerg, unless you have good reason to stall (buying a few seconds for the ally zerg to come to the resuce), but if that isn’t the case then your efforts is more often than not in vain and maybe even hurtful as you won’t be able to build a choke ballista later on.

/end rant

TL;DR – I don’t like bad decisions.

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Hi everyone,

While we appreciate that you took the time to give us your feedback, threads that are created for the sake of complaining are not allowed on this forum as they do not invite to a constructive discussion. As such, this thread is now closed.

Thank you for your understanding.