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So Recently theres been a 30% sale going on for GW 2 and that basically gave me the final push to get one. I bought it without any problems.
But then my friend wanted an account too, but the problem is he doesnt have a card of his own, and then asked me to buy it for him. This is when i got “An error occurred finalizing your purchase.” right after i tried to purchase via Paypal and I tried to get one Through my Card to no avail.

I was thinking that it was a security feature by locking out a card after purchasing, so i asked my brother to buy it with his card instead and yet he got the same problem. I’ve already opened up a ticket but I’m kinda in a rush as I wanna get it before the promotion ends

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I really believe the team will make this happen for you and your friend, WalkingMyles. You wrote them early in the morning (US time) and they’re turning around tickets very promptly these days. If you want to provide your 12-digit ticket/incident number I’ll take a peek.