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Over the past 3 days I’ve been trying to purchase gems with my mastercard, but every time it says credit card approval failed. When I called I was told that my card couldn’t be used to purchase gems for some reason (I’m unsure why, something about the card not being able to be used for online gambling or what have you).

So, I went out to the city, which is a fairly lengthy drive from where I live (nearly 30 minutes by car) to purchase a gem card, only to find out the store I went to didn’t have any. I figured I didn’t want to waste a trip and go home empty handed, so I went ahead and bought a $50 visa gift card. Now, having spent around an hour driving around trying to get some gems, I unwrap this glossy, beautiful gift-card, and go to activate it on the website.

The activation goes smoothly, the card has been registered in my name and what not. I log into Guild Wars 2, looking forward to that extra bag and bank space that’s on sale, you know, the good stuff.

Tap “O” to open up the black lion trading post, press buy gems to get myself some sweet sweet shinies, enter in my information, and WHAM! press confirm!

Across the box all I see is Credit card approval failed my thoughts spin around my head like a bowl of angry jell-o “Surely this is a mistake, I’ll just try to re-enter it!”.

“O”, buy gems, enter information, WHAM! Credit card approval failed chimes in my head, like a mocking hyena snickering at my misery.

I try again, being a fortuitous man I buck up, pull up my sleeves and get ready to tackle the issue head on! I attempt to put my gift card on paypal, thinking that maybe the problem could be solved in some round-a-bout way, sadly this only makes it worse.


Again! Credit card approval failed

I call Paypal and sit twiddling my thumbs on hold for an hour and twenty minutes, the constant voice of that Paypal hold-man ringing through my skull, trying to tell me about Paypal tutorials I really couldn’t care less about.

By now I feel like the credit card approval failed sign is a message from above (or below!) signaling either to be abstinent from the purchasing of gems, or to spend my hard earned money for evil gain (silly t-shirts).

I just recently sent a ticket to the support page, now I leave my fate in the hands of those above me, hoping, praying that a ray of light will shine down and grant me the ability to spend my hard earned coin on delicious, sweet, shiny gems.

TL;DR Canadian man has trouble buying gems, writes lengthy complaint.

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If you sent a ticket, I think you’ll be helped really quickly. Provide your 12-digit ticket/incident number here if you want me to take a look at it.