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I’m not sure exactly when this happened, but I’m very concerned.

I had a set of two transmuted armor pieces (basic acolyte gear look, level 70s~ stats), a chest and pants, in an invisible bag in my inventory. I also have a full 6-piece set of temple karma armor (Archon Garb of Dwayna), which was not in the invisible bag, but elsewhere in my inventory.

The last time I used the two transmuted pieces was last night. My character wore them briefly, then I went to the Hero panel and switched back to a third set of armor (not the Archon). Then I spent a couple hours in a dungeon. After finishing that, I cleaned out the loot in my inventory and went to bed.

Today, for some reason, upon logging on I’ve found my two transmuted pieces are missing. They’re not in their spot in the invisible bag, nor are they anywhere else in my inventory. They’re not in my bank and they’re not in my guild bank. I did not destroy them or sell them or salvage them, all I did was swap them out for different armor.

And for some reason, the Archon armor chest and Archon pants are sitting in the slots in my invisible bag where the transmuted items should be, even though there’s plenty of space elsewhere in the inventory that they could have been sorted into when I clicked ‘compact’.

There were also two Bags of Wondrous Goods in my inventory, which I could have sworn I’d already opened last night, making me wonder if I’d suffered a partial rollback of some kind. But I’m not 100% sure that I remember opening them, and if I’d been rolled back by such a short time (everything else in my inventory appears to be intact, including gold), then the two transmuted items should still be there — I’ve had them for months.

I’m not sure what has happened here and I’m very confused and worried for my account. I don’t believe I’ve been hacked as I’m careful with my account, use two-factor authentication and I saw no other abnormalities, but in that case — how could these two items have just disappeared? I’m given to understand that ArenaNet doesn’t return lost items, and I don’t mind having to eat the loss once, but I’m worried this might happen again with something more valuable or important…

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I really encourage you to contact Support by filing a ticket through the “Ask a Question” tab on that linked page. Items cannot “overwrite” one another, so something else is at play here. The team will be able to assist you.