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Good evening, Gaile!

My account was hacked into and one of the things that the hacker took was 1650 gems (50 gems leftover from before + 1600 gems purchased on Jan 28th). He also took my Baby Quaggan Backpack that I had in my mail that was delivered from ArenaNet but I never removed it. Will I receive my gems and my Baby Quaggan Backpack back after the account restoration?

Also, is there a reason why setting up Google Authentication automatically removes Email Authentication?

When I discovered that my account was hacked into, I had absolutely no idea how it was possible since I set up Email Authentication way back in August when it was first released. I even received an email that confirmed that I had it on my account. When the Google Authentication was released, I felt that it would be a good idea to set it up on my account to add another layer of protection. After setting it up, I ran into some annoying issues, so I decided to remove it because I knew that Email Authentication would be good enough. I did not know until this morning that Google Authentication automatically removed Email Authentication from my account. I was basically running without any sort of protection for months, which eventually compromised my account.

It makes me wonder how many other users are out there right now without any kind of protection because they also ran into issues with Google Authentication and decided to take it off while thinking that Email Authentication would be good enough. This kind of thinking along with easily missing that bold text juxtaposed with regular text, which does not stand out too well with this font, is not a good combination.

I would highly, highly recommend that the text be in bold AND be in red so that it shows up very clearly.


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You should contact Support by filing a ticket through the “Ask a Question” tab on that linked page. They will be able to assist you and answer your questions about the authentication system.