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I should elaborate on this a bit.

When I open up the GW2 Launcher, I’m greeted as normal with patching numbers, etc. However, when I click on “Log In”, I’m automatically prompted to change my password because I haven’t changed it in a while. I click the button to take me to the page, and my launcher closes.

On the password change page, I enter my old password (which I just used to log in to the site), and I enter a new password, but when I hit enter, it says that I’m not allowed to use that password because I’ve used it before. This confuses me, so I try another password, and I get the same message. After which, I try a completely NEW password that I’ve never used, and after hitting enter, it goes back to telling me that I haven’t changed my password recently.

I’m requesting a manual password reset via the admins so that I can change my password again and get back into the game. This is preventing me from playing as it closes down the launcher after I’m sent to the password page.



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I am not exactly sure what’s happening but I encourage you to contact Support by filing a ticket through the “Ask a Question” tab on that linked page. They will be able to assist you.

We cannot offer individual assistance via the forums, for obvious, security reasons. Thanks for understanding.