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Illusionary Counter: The range of the reactive part of this ability is now consistent with its indicated range.
Mesmer Portals can no longer be interacted with when there is an obstruction between them and the player.
Mind Stab: This skill will now hit up to three targets.
Illusionary Riposte: The reactionary strike that occurs when this skill blocks an attack now has the correct distance of the ability instead of half the distance. Added a ranged fact to this skill.
Mirror: This healing skill now applies reflection for 2 seconds instead of 1.
The Prestige: This ability is no longer channeled and will automatically detonate 3 seconds after the ability is used.

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On mind stab we are aware there are two skills with this name. We are renaming one of them for the March build but for now we did indeed buff the mainhand sword end of chain skill for slot #1 called mind stab from 1 target to 3 targets.