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I’ll keep this short, it’s absolute poo.
speed boost-check
jumping traps-check
mes portal-check
dungeon changes 3 times, consecutively in the same run and i don’t know if this is a bug, but i got knocked down consistantly through stability-broke the stun with SiO (warrior) and knocked down again.

To summarize, it’s not fun to spend upwards of one and a half hours working through fracts only to hit the swamp and have the party call it. this has happened twice now the first party i was with didn’t even want to attempt it and couldn’t be bothered to rerun the 1st 2 fracts either.

Anyone got any advice on the swamp fract too that would be great

thanks in advance.

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There are spots where you can jump over the walls. Not sure if it is intended or not, but it’s not always necessary.

ANet has said that these are intentional and clever uses of the terrain by the playerbase.

yeah, it’s fine to jump over stuff. I built the swamp fractal to be a sort of skill test – new people will struggle with it, learn things, get better, and mastery of the fractal becomes a test of knowledge and skill beyond just the combat system. Plus its an opportunity to explore different uses for utilities outside of combat.
I’ve pondered randomizing the locations of the traps, but I think having them placed as they are is more along the lines of my original intent for the fractal.