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  • Ceridwen
    My first, just as she was in beta.
  • elphin4
    The entire purpose of my character - to get him to 80, then turn everything to Vigil Steel. And I love his little rooster helm.
  • Wilfraed
    This is pretty much my own expression since they started the nightmare of ambient noise in human towns - the 'uh huh, uh huh' has driven me pretty much insane. It's as bad as the charr...
  • Beta Asura
    Beta Asura
    Beta, just as it was ending, with my daughter (she's the one standing looking wistful, I'm very pale looking small) I just loved this day.
  • Elphin Teg
    Elphin Teg
    Elphin, Asuran Warrior. This, because one male Asura wasn't enough, & I saw an Asura warrior doing hundred blades. I had to be that.