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One of the great things about multi-player games is being part of a great community or guild and for many people the sheer variety of guilds and communities that spring up is one of the highlights of playing and being in an MMO.

With this in mind, each month the staffers here at GW2 Guru will select a guild it feels has added something unique and valuable to the Guild Wars 2 community. This can be anything from being king of the castle in WvW, dominating in sPvP to doing crazy and whacky things as a guild.

To be featured your guild can be any size, have any theme (so long as it's EULA friendly), and you will need to fill in a questionnaire that let's us know about your guild.

The process for doing so is as below:
  • Your guild leader must send a mail to the below address with the title "Request For GFG form"
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  • We will then send you a copy of the questionnaire.
  • Fill it in (English only I'm afraid) and send it back to us, using the above address with the title "<Your Guilds Name>[tag] Application for GFG"
  • Applications for a month will close on the last Monday of the month
  • If you are successful we'll mail you back and let you know. If not you can always try again the next month.
Applications that are comprised of more than one word or one line answers are more likely to be successful as are those that really show your guild to be the fun place it really is

Hopefully, this bit of fun feature will bring out the depth and diversity of the Guild Wars 2 community and increase the enjoyment of this excellent game

We are accepting applications now and will announce the winner on the final Friday of each month. In this case it will be end of February to give us time to iron out any wrinkles and to give you time to respond.

Note: For those concerned about privacy we won't use your emails for marketing or pass them on to others to do so :) Back to Top

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Today's game status updates have been posted up on the official wiki:

Account Security

Hackers have lists of email addresses and passwords stolen from other games and web sites, and collected through spyware, and are systematically testing Guild Wars 2 looking for matching accounts. To protect yourself, use a strong, unique password for Guild Wars 2 that you've never used anywhere else! If your current password isn't unique to Guild Wars 2, change it today! Do not under any circumstances use the same password for Guild Wars 2 as you do for your email account.

We've observed hack attempts against hundreds of thousands of accounts that don't even exist. To protect those people in case they purchase Guild Wars 2 and create an account, we will now disallow customers from picking passwords that we've previously seen used in a hack attempt.

See this article for more tips on choosing good passwords and keeping your account secure.

Customer Support
Our customer support team is prioritizing hacked accounts and other blocking login issues over other types of support requests. We're currently responding to prioritized support tickets within 48 hours, and will soon be responding within 24 hours.

To reset a password or disable email authentication on your account, follow these instructions. Be sure to read all security guidelines before performing either of these steps.

Game Updates
Check the forum links below for details on recent game updates.

There is no game update scheduled for September 10.

Reporting exploits
If you discover an emergency game-breaking or economy-breaking bug, do not exploit it, but please notify us immediately at this email address: exploits (at) arena (dot) net. You may also use this email address to report suspected security vulnerabilities. Thank you to everyone who has sent reports. However, note that we cannot respond individually to emails to this address.

Worlds & Overflow
We're increasing world capacity as necessary to handle all the new players coming into the game.

During this initial surge of high concurrency, and especially while most characters are low-level and thus playing in the same starting areas, it's common for players to be directed to overflow servers. To play with a friend on a different overflow server, form a party together, then right-click on the friend's portrait in the party list and click "join". We expect the use of overflow servers to naturally subside as players spread out more through the world.

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