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Tyria's Point of No Return

A page was added to the official Guild Wars 2 website that outlined the future content of the Living Story, which re-launches on 4 November 2014.  The update also mentioned the next update will be Blood and Madness, a Halloween themed update, which will last from the the 21st of October until the 4th of November.

The page has since been removed, but the update information can be found below:

A Living World

The return of Living World Season 2 is rapidly approaching. When the season resumes on November 4, we’ll see the story pick up from the cliffhanger that left one of the world’s leaders fighting for survival, and the races of Tyria preparing for war against the Elder Dragon Mordremoth.

For Tyrians, the awakening of each of the previous elder dragons led to catastrophic world events: earthquakes, tidal waves, and the raising of a long sunken continent are just some examples of the destruction left in their wake. These have seared their marks into the face of Tyria.

Now another elder dragon stirs deep in the heart of the jungle. The world’s leaders have agreed to turn their attention to this new threat and attempt to destroy it before it can wreak the havoc they’ve seen other elder dragons sow. As season 2 returns, we turn our eyes towards Mordremoth as our next target. We also ponder the meaning of the vision given by the Pale Tree and the role that legends of Tyria’s past may play in a story that is yet to unfold.

Holiday Festivals

As we’ve done in the past, there will be festival releases interweaved into this coming Living World season. Let’s take a quick look at our festival calendar for the remainder of 2014.
This coming Tuesday, October 21, the Mad Realm returns with our annual Halloween release. On December 16, we’ll release our usual holiday-themed festivities with Wintersday. Both of these releases will feature the same content as last year but with refreshed rewards, giving you fun new festival-themed items to earn.

Into the Jungle

The road to war is paved by points of no return. Tyria has already decided to take the battle to Mordremoth. As we go on this journey we’ll learn dark secrets of Tyria’s past, venture into stories with roots deep in the very heart of Guild Wars lore, and visit places that have only been rumored to exist.

Season 2′s final episode will feature an unforgettable end for all of you who go on this journey with us. So make sure to jump in and join the ride starting on November 4.
We’ll see you in game!
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Posted ImageJohn Smith outlines discussion of RNG changes

As Arenanet is gearing up for the continuation of season 2 of the Living Story, talks on the forums are focusing on the CDI.  John Smith has outlined two ongoing ideas in both topics and inside the studio doors.  Be sure to voice your views and opinions in the thread on the official forums.


Here’s the premise. RNG is evenly distributed on aggregate. On an individual level this means that while almost everyone falls into a reasonable range in the middle, there are outliers on each side of the distribution that are either highly rewarded or not rewarded at all.

These individuals become sample cases and spotlights for experiences that maybe shouldn’t exist.

We do need to be very careful about ideas that flatten the experience entirely as that quickly becomes not fun at all.

There are two concepts that have been discussed in the other thread and in the studio that I’ll briefly summarize.

1. Use a specifically non-random NG. The NRNG functions similarly to a RNG, but has characteristics that either squish the distribution so that outliers exist much less or specifically manipulate a player’s experience for loot in a more complicated way that makes it feel rewarding.

2. Implement measures that counteract low-end outlier behavior inside of game design. This would be a system that is something like: If player hasn’t received a rare drop in X time send them Y tickets for random drops.
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Gaile Gray returns to the community team

For many of those who have been with Arenanet for many years, you may recall she used to be the community team leader for a good chunk of Guild Wars 1, but was moved to support liaison before the launch of Eye of the North.  Due to internal reshuffling at Arenanet, she is now back in the support team role, meaning she is back in telling Arenanet what the community wants.  Micheal Henninger announcedthe news, and is taking her position.

Most of you know that Gaile has moved from Customer Support to a new (and very awesome) role over at the Community team. She’s still nearby so I think I can still hit her with my trebuchet – I’ll report results soon.
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New Trading Post UI
Wardrobe Improvements
Item Rewards
Item Collections
New Runes and Sigils in PvE and WvW
New Combat Log
Structured PvP and WvW
Level-Up Guide
New Player Experience
Guild Unification (North America and Europe Only)
Balance and Polish
Crafting UI
Dungeons and Fractals
Profession Skills
Structured Player vs. Player Sigils and Runes
World vs. World
Gem Store
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Introducing the New Trading Post

Arenanet has revealed the final piece of content coming in the 9 September 2014 feature pack.  The trading post has been overhauled entirely, has an updated system resulting in greater speed, and has had a UI and functionality overhaul.  You can read all about it in the official announcement.

Previously the Trading Post was built using four UI tabs: Browsing, Selling, History, and the Pick-Up tab. We haven’t fundamentally changed that structure, but the implementation has been completely reworked. We did away with the four UI tabs in favor of navigation that’s closer to the Gem Store so now switching between them is nearly instant. It’s required a total rewrite of the Trading Post front end, but the results are worth it.

Destiny launches tomorrow and the Destiny Wiki has you covered with a complete database of all of the items you'll encounter in the world of Destiny! Back to Top

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Miniatures and Finishers in your Wardrobe

Arenanet has announced the next feature in the 9 September 2014 feature patch.  This announcement includes changes to the wardrobe, in which miniatures and finishers are added.  Miniatures can now also be equipped and made to show up in every map, without having to always activate them.  You can read the full announcement here.

Below the inventory list, you’ll see a grid of unlocked minis from your account. Account-unlocked minis can be equipped and swapped as part of your character by left-clicking them. Once equipped, there is a show/hide check box that summons and hides your currently equipped miniature. When shown, minis will appear next to you in every map you travel to with no further work necessary to deploy them.

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A Fresh Start: The New Player Experience in Guild Wars 2

Arenanet has just announced the next feature in the September 2014 feature pack.  All the features in the official announcement are directed at new players and new characters.  Most updates are streamlined feature, such as immediate weapon unlocks and guidance options, and some are new, such as level up panels and unique rewards.  You can read the full announcement here.

As we continue to grow Guild Wars 2 and plan our next steps for the future of the game, it’s important we have a solid foundation for all the new players we plan to welcome in the future as well as players who return after long breaks from our game. The coming feature pack is bringing improvements that were designed to ensure the  leveling experience and, most importantly, the learning experience is solid, clearly messaged, easy to follow, and rewarding. These were part of the game when we launched in China, and now they’re making their way back to North America and Europe.
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Crafting Backpacks, New Leveling Items, and More!

Arenanet have announced some new updates for the September 2014 feature pack.  New crafting backpacks, leveling items, and profession-specific loot tuning are among them.  Click here to read the official announcement.

These new weapons and armor help crafters get ahead of the game, but we also want crafting to have a strong visual reward so players can show off what they’ve accomplished so far. That led us to the creation of the new Crafter’s Backpacks. They’re only accessible by practicing a crafting discipline, and each discipline gets a unique look that progresses as you advance and builds on top of what you’ve already made! These backpacks don’t take much to build, but they’ll guide players up from novice to adept crafting in each discipline, bring in new looks to your Wardrobe, and come with a bit more combat flexibility than many players might have seen.
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Improvements Galore

Arenanet has announced some coming general game improvements in the September 2014 feature pack.  Among these changes are removal of the "dungeon owner," an updated crafting UI, and performance updates that include desired optimization.  You can read the full announcement here.

We‘re always working on the performance of the game with every update, but we have a big batch of improvements coming in this feature pack. We’ve changed the way many of the underlying systems work, making them more cost-effective, which will reduce how often players will be seeing issues caused by performance. This is most notable in large combat situations like WvW and at the PvE world boss events. These improvements affect both the server and client performance, so in these situations, you should see increased frame rates as well!
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Continued Improvements to the Megaserver System

Arenanet just posted an article on the Guild Wars 2 website in which they outline the first non-PVP/WvWvW changes in the September 2014 feature patch.  The first set of changes all relate to quality of life improvements for the megaserver system.  Changes include global guild influence, global guild upgrades, and special map copies for guild content.

Since first introducing it in the April 2014 Feature Pack, we’ve kept on improving the megaserver system on a regular basis. A lot of those changes were made during regularly scheduled updates and were targeted at improving what we call “integrity” metrics, which are how we measure how well the system works to get you into a map instance with people from your party, guild, home world, and language. Because the evolution was continuous and smooth, you might not have noticed much change, but the metrics got a lot better over time as we kept making the system smarter. We won’t stop there: with the second feature pack, we’re releasing some new systems and working to make the core system more effective!
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