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ArenaNet Character Designer extraordinaire Kirsten Perry is getting a lot of love on the forum today, thanks to a recently released interview on the ArenaNet Blog - 'The Fashion of Guild Wars 2'.

"Designing the clothing for a race is a lot of fun, particularly when you start at the beginning with a clean slate. One of the things I really like about GW2 is it gave us the opportunity to see the town inhabitants as a whole, rather than just an individual list of needed people (even though what I got was a list of needed people, heh heh). This allowed me to draw a block of designs at once and see them all together. Doing that gives insight into how the NPCs work as a crowd, spreading out interesting silhouettes and shapes that make them simultaneously a good backdrop for the players as well as appealing individually."

Check out the rest of that interview over on the ArenaNet blog, and add your comments in the forum: The Fashion of Guild Wars 2 | ArenaNet Blog

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