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Today we're putting together a compilation of the interviews that have shown up over the last few days, and links to where you can go to discuss the details. First up is a video interview with Jeff Grubb and Daniel Dociu from IGN:
Discuss that interview here!
Secondly we have an interview (in German) with Martin Kerstein, from the guys at Wartower.de:
Translation of major points and discussion courtesy of _Todeshand_ here!

Next up is an interview on Eurogamer.net with lead designer Eric Flannum - Guild Wars 2 Preview.

Flannum claims that there will be "a lot" of underwater exploration, and it will be possible for all races and players. "It's going to be really easy and accessible for players to go underwater. In a lot of other games you see the underwater environment as this really hostile environment where you have to worry about running out of air constantly and you're always on the verge of dying, and that tends to make the area less fun. We really want to emphasise the fun, the differences, the change of pace of going underwater, to encourage that exploration."

Discuss that interview here.

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