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Guild Wars 2 Lead Designer Eric Flannum is back again with another Q&A session, this time with GameSpot.

GS: How will Guild Wars 2's player-versus-environment play better reflect what ArenaNet feels massively multiplayer games will be about? For instance, how does the game handle grouping? EF: Grouping is handled in a manner that will be familiar to most players. You can start a group and invite anyone you see fit. We see groups primarily as ways for players to keep track of each other and to help facilitate communication. One thing that is unique to our game is that it's a perfectly viable option for multiple players to play together without grouping at all. We distribute loot and XP to any player who participated in killing a monster. This means that a player can never take XP or loot away from another player by trying to help them, and it's always a viable option to help a player who's in trouble. We want it to always be a good thing when one player runs into another in the world.

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