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TenTonHammer.com has a great summary up on the "Elder Dragons" in Guild Wars 2: Zhaitan, the Undead Dragon; Jormag, the Ice Dragon; Kralkatorrik, the Crystal Dragon; the "Unnamed Dragon" or Deep Sea Dragon; and Primordus, the Fire Dragon.

Jormag, the Ice Dragon Jormag awakens in 1165 within Drakkar Lake (he can currently be seen there in GW:EN) at which point he’ll begin assaulting the Norn within the Northern Shiverpeaks. The Norn will fall in battle due to the fact that they each want to fight alone against him and will lose their land having to flee to the Southern Shiverpeaks. The Norn are currently engaged in battle with Jormag and his minions in order to retake their homelands.

See the entire article here. Head to the forums for the discussion: The Elder Dragons Of GW2 | TenTonHammer.
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