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We've got a couple of Guild Wars 2 articles and interviews to point out for you today. TheCracker has given us a translation and summary of a German interview on Gamestar.de with quite a bit of new and interesting information. See the thread: Summary of GW2 Info - Including New Information!

- Tutorial takes about 20 minutes, after that you can jump into the next Asura Portal to meet with your friends. - If everyone in the group experienced the same story, with the same decisions, they can choose if they want to let the next decisions count for the whole team or for a single person. - If you enter a low-level area as a Level 80 character, you keep your equipment but your health and mana get scaled down. When you enter a high-level area as a low-level character, health and mana will scale up. - You should only go into high-level areas as a low-level character when you've already played through the game on a different character, otherwise you run the risk of seeing spoilers. - The finale is the same for every race

Next up is KillTenRats.com where Ravious where he explores the concept of the Guild Wars 2 dynamic event system, other games that offer this and herd behavior in MMO's. An excellent read: MMO Herds and Guild Wars 2

So what’s different?  Well with the chance meetings, there is no more personal advancement to the persistent world quest.  There is only world advancement.  That means the decision making process switches in large part from “efficiency” to ”fun” because both players will advance.  Yet, unlike Public Quests the Dynamic Events system will balance the difficulty and reward on the fly.  So far the system is aimed at conditioning the herd instinct.  What is unknown, possibly even to the developers, is the effect on cohesive herd forming due to the fact that grouping is no longer required.

Finally, Massively.com with the Flameseeker Chronicles where they give us a much needed push back to our beloved Guild Wars: Back to Basics:

The beauty of Guild Wars is that it's never too late to start. Sure, the majority of players have reached "endgame," but endgame doesn't exactly mean the same thing here as it does in other games. There are so many features of the game that combine to make it much more friendly to brand-new players than other games.

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