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With a hoard of information streaming out of gamescom this past week, I thought I'd put together a simple list of question and answer interviews - both in written and video form - that we've accumulated in the This. Is. GAMESCOM! thread. First, I'd like to highlight the GW2Guru.com interview that were created by questions from the Guru community:

Devs Answer YOUR Questions at gamescom

Can you give us any information on how crafting will work, or what types of crafting skills will be available?

That is currently in design. We're still working out all those pieces. We didn't have it in the demo because it isn't quite ready. We're going to have a very extensive crafting system, lots of gathering and all of those pieces you've seen in basically any other MMO in terms of crafting systems. One piece that you have seen in the demo currently is a lot of the little types of activities when you run around in the game use a very similar system which we'll use for our gathering system. For example, when you run along the dam and see lots of water coming out of the dam, you can run over and use that spot of water and turn it off. Also anyone that is with you can also run over and turn off that specific spot of water. It's something that we're trying to obtain in our game, you're never really going to have someone close to you being able to take that spot of water from you. We want to carry this system over to every aspect of the game, including battle.

Here we have a video interview conducted by JeuxOnline with Colin Johanson:

GamesCom 2010 : Interview du Lead Content Developer de Guild Wars 2

Will players be able to have fun and be useful in the World vs. World, whatever their level?

Yes, absolutely. One of the goals of World vs. World is that if you want to play the game entirely just there, you can do that. You can go level up; you can gain experience; you can do everything you want just in the World vs. World area. You don't have to play PvE if you don't want to. It's totally up to you. And in World vs. World we're trying to make it so that there's something anybody can do. So, for example, there are large keep assaults where everyone on a server goes and attacks another server's keep. There are smaller type things they might have like a copper mine next to the keep and you can get a smaller group of players together and try to assault the copper mine and take it from the other team. And there will be little caravans that are sending resources back and forth between the copper mine and the keep, and one player, for example, could go and actually just attack the caravan. So there's stuff for one person to do in World vs. World, there's stuff for groups to do, and then there's stuff for large groups to do so that everybody has something they could be doing to take part.

Univers Virtuels brings us a written interview in French and then translated in English. Comments on this particular interview can be found here:

Interview d'Univers Virtuels de Chris Lye, GamesCom 2010

Can you give us more information about the personal stories, for example what happens if the leader wants to kill an NPC, I'm in the group and I don't want to kill him ?

Every character has his own story, you can help the leader to kill this person, it does not affect your own story, you can come back and save him if you want it.

This is another video interview, but this time it's brought to you by AFB Media with Eric Flannum and Randy Price:

Guild Wars 2 Gamescom Dev Interview with Eric and Randy

I think the Guild Wars 2 game is more focused on role-playing. Why have you changed that?

Eric: We had a pretty heavy focus on story in Guild Wars 1, and we wanted to kind of take that to the next level. We felt that a lot of online role-playing games lost the role-playing part of the game and so we really wanted to change that. One of the primary things that we do is that in most games you're kind of this nameless, faceless character with no history, no past - that sort of thing - and so we've created this character biography for you, so that you can fill out some things about who you are as a character and really help role-playing. We also have a personality system that reflects how you treat NPC's in the game. You know, if you run around being charming to everyone, then it will reflect that in your personality and it will open up some new options for you in the story. We really want to support that role-playing game feel.

In this video, we have an interview with Annie Mitsoda from Gamerspawn:

Guild Wars 2 - GamesCom 2010 Interview

Guild Wars 2 is ArenaNet's next big MMO. It is unlike Guild Wars 1, which was a lot of small persistent areas, large instanced areas. We now have a massive persistent world that follows a personal storyline, dynamic events throughout the world, and has a much more active dynamic combat that encourages you as a player to experiment with new things, move around a lot more, and rewards you for the choices that you make throughout the game.

And last but not least, InGuildWars.de brings us this two-part audio interview on with Chris Lye and Jeff Grubb:

Audio Interview Part 1 -- Part 2

It always seems silly to us that, say, you're supposedly on the same side in an MMO but if you're both on the same quest at the same time, you're actually competing for resources. You don't want that person there. But if you were really in a fantasy world, and there was a dragon, you would want as many people there helping you as possible. We felt that the promise of online worlds was getting compromised by some of the decisions people had made in the way, like quests are structured. That's one of the things our dynamic events are set up to do - they are set up to actually reward social gameplay. You don't have to be partied, you can just all be in the same area and say, "Oh my god, there's a big dragon!" It seems like we should all be attacking it...

If you come across any interviews that aren't listed here, or other sort of interesting information coming out of gamescom, you can stop by the mega gamescom thread and post about it, send me a PM, and/or create a thread in our News, Interview & Articles forum!
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