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Since the last news post, a lot more gamescom interviews have cropped up. Because they deserve the spotlight just as much as the last batch, I bring you "Q&A Interviews from gamescom - Part 2". Enjoy!

Here we have a video interview from Gamespot with Eric Flannum: Interview with Eric Flannum

You mentioned dynamic, and obviously that's a really big part today in the demo; we saw dynamic world bosses and as well as bosses that change in conjunction with the amount of players doing the content. Tell us about that.

One of the things that was really important for us with the dynamic event system was that players be able to play them kind of on their own terms. So that one player is able to go out in the world and if maybe there aren't other players around that they can participate in these events, but at the same time if a lot of players have gathered together in an area, that the events are still good there for them, too. And so, we do a lot of dynamic scaling of the events. So, for example, in an event where you have waves of creatures coming in, you'll see the waves get successively larger or smaller depending on the number of players there. And then you mentioned our boss creatures. Obviously, we can't just spawn more bosses and things like that. What we do is, we unlock new abilities for bosses, which doesn't mean that they're harder, but they're abilities that that allow the bosses to take on more players...

Destructoid.com brings us another video interview but this time with Randy Price (you can discuss the interview here): Interview with ArenaNet SVP

You guys are marketing this as the MMO for people that don't play MMO's. Can you explain that one to me?

Okay, so let me think about your starting points here. This is a persistent, huge, triple-A experience. If you think about the way that we've designed our dynamic events that are out in the living, breathing world. One of the the things that - you know, we play MMO's of course, and we know what frustrates us. The mundane frustrates us. It frustrates us when the next thing to do is to go click on an NPC to get a quest and be bombarded with a huge wall of text that I don't even read. And I essentially run out, and I am told to kill 10 of something that are sitting around in a field. This is not all that fun. I kill them and I come on back and I have another wall of text and get a reward. Okay, that entire quest chain to us, it's not something that we want to do. We've set all of that aside...

This is another video interview brought to us by GWcom.de with Mike Zadorojny and Devon Carver: Interview with Mike Zadorojny and Devon Carver

Can you tell us anything new about the races? If I take an elementalist that is a human, how is it different than an elementalist that is a charr?

Mike: Some of the skills that you are going to get are going to be race specific. So that will give you some indication that you're skill bar is going to be a little bit different if you're a charr elementalist than if you're a human elementalist, and possibly some of the traits as well.

It looks like video interviews are the big thing right now because we have yet another one here brought to us by MMORPGItalia.com: Interview with Colin Johanson and Chris Lye

In most MMORPG's enemies have a different appearance, but in practice they all fight the same way. Will GW2 be different than this point of view? Will there be significant strengths or weaknesses for the different types of enemies?

That is certainly one of our goals - to make combat between different creatures feel really different. The combat of the game is one of the core areas that we're trying to innovate right now and we're trying to make it feel like when you're fighting specific creatures that you're really getting kind of a unique combat feel out of it. Each of them uses different tactics and make you play the game a little bit differently to defeat them. Each of our creatures, when you select the creature, it will give you a quick little hint of the stuff that that creature can do and what it's special abilities are to help give you an idea - if you're a casual player of what to watch out for, and what the cool thing is that that creature does so you know a little bit more about it.

Here's a change of pace. Univers Virtuels, GuildMag and Mondes Persistants bring us a written interview with Colin Johanson and Jeff Grubb (you can discuss the interview here): Interview with Colin Johanson and Jeff Grubb

My next question is about the link between Guild Wars 2 and Ghosts of Ascalon – which is a great book by the way (Jeff laughs and says thanks you). Aside from main lore characters like Logan, will we see things and characters in the game the way they are described in the book?

Jeff : The book and the game were written very closely together. As the game continues to evolve, lots of parts and characters from the book do appear in the game. If you go into Divinity’s Reach, in the Seraph headquarters, you run into Lieutenant Groban, who’s a minor character in the book. He’s the one who basically interrogates Dougal Keane in the early chapters. And there he is. You cannot find Dougal in the game yet, but that’s not to say he won’t appear. Almorra, the leader of the Vigil: she’s there. So basic characters, large and small, will be in there, connected within the book and the game.

Plus, you got characters in the game showing up in the books. We talked about Logan, we talked about references from characters from Guild Wars 1. Their legends exist in the book.

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