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Today we bring you part 1 of a Q&A interview with Jeff Grubb and Chris Lye. You can find the entire interview right here on GW2Guru.com! Here's an excerpt:

Zyuu: Will we be able to reach level 80 by simply doing your personal storyline?

Chris Lye: I was told that basically, the personal story and the dynamic event system are meant to kind of pull together. The personal story is one of the ways that we guide you through the course of the world and in going through the world, we think it would be a shame for you to not experience dynamic events. So I don't believe you're going to be able to level purely based off of your personal story content.

Jeff Grubb: By the same token, I think there is going to be situations in going through your personal story that it's going to be inevitable that you're going to be interacting with dynamic events in the world. One of the reasons, as Chris mentioned, is that we use that as a guide to get you into areas that are level appropriate for your characters and as such. Even if you try to eschew and stay away from events, you're still going to be in the middle of a lot of them.

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