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Ravious from KillTenRats was kind enough to let us know about an interview he scored with ArenaNet's very own Jeff Grubb. Some interesting comments from Jeff, helping to answer a few of the lore based questions raised by the trailer and information we have so far.
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="172" caption="Jeff Grubb - Game Designer at ArenaNet"]Jeff Grubb - Game Designer at ArenaNet[/caption]
Here's a quick snippet:

The focus of the story in the trailer seemed to be on the unification of the races and one elder dragon, Zhaitan.  The other awakening dragons are only mentioned in passing.  Will the first Guild Wars 2 story (campaign, story arc, etc.) deal primarily with Zhaitan and Orr, or will we encounter the other elder dragons as well?

"The ultimate foe of Guild Wars 2 is Zhaitan, but the influences of the other dragons run deep through Tyria – Jormag’s worshippers are active among the Norn, Kralkatorrik’s brand is carved across the charr lands in Ascalon, and the minions of Primordus continue to surface across the land. But the story of GW2 leads to Orr, and the City of the Gods  which is Zhaitan’s lair."

Head over here for the rest of the interview, and here to discuss it on our forum. Thanks Ravious!
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