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Ravious at KillTenRats has put up a number of very interesting HoM related articles over the last few days. He covers a few topics, from the actual announcement, the prestigious GWAMM title, and the huge inflation of the minipet market.
Hall of Monuments Rewards Calculator

What’s really cool is players can make a to-do list to get to whatever reward level they want. Every accomplishment is not required to hit 50 points. I think ArenaNet did this quite intelligently. There will be some rage, but with how easy it is to get 30 points – therefore all the gear – I can’t imagine much intelligent rage.

Kind of Not a Big Deal

To those that have completed the accomplishment, I can totally see how they might feel a little slap to their face. But, isn’t it enough for them to basically beaten Guild Wars? I think an additional reward, like a special skin in Guild Wars 2, would just be superfluous pandering. I guess I am more in the school of thought that completing the most difficult achievements should be a reward in themselves.

The Vanishing Mini Market

Why is this important? Well, I see a lot of talk about how people are waiting for the market to break. With second-year common minis going for 10-15k each, I wish the demand would drop as well. I don’t think it will. Right now, miniatures are being sacrificed to the Hall of Monuments at likely the fastest rate ever. As people finish their 50, give up, or eventually move on to Guild Wars 2, that rate will slow. Yet, the supply is not going to magically bounce back. The surplus that people have been sitting on for 5 years will not magically replenish… except for once per character per year.

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