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If you're looking for all the latest tidbits of information for Guild Wars 2 from PAX 2009, you'll want to head over to our Tyrian Assembly forum where we have a thread with video, pics and quotes. Check some out below: [singlepic id=130 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Back of Guild Wars 2 booth at PAX 2009

Twitter quotes:

arenanet: Jeff Grubb on The Fall of Ascalon novel: “It’s like Canterbury Tales… with explosions.” ~DC #GuildWars 2 #PAX

arenanet – From Q&A: Is GW2 “steampunk?” Not so much says Jeff Grubb. Asura use magic tech, charr are military industrial ~DC

arenanet - Just revealed: Palawa Joko was inspired by Christopher Walken. We kid you not. ~DC #GuildWars2 #GuildWars

See all the latest in our Guild Wars 2 at PAX 2009 including additional information on the Guild Wars 2 Artbook and Lore!

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