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Here at Guild Wars 2 Guru, we love to see users put their heart into their work. Our Community Works section is chock-full of projects that the dedicated Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 fans who frequent our forums have sunk countless collective hours of time and effort into, both for themselves and for their fellow community members. Similarly, the Library of Whispers is bursting at the seams with great stories and artwork by top-notch community writers and artists. And while all of the contributions these users have made are important to us here at Guru, it is a less frequently found gem that the moderators of Primordus Visions are going to be honoring in our bi-weekly report on what’s hot in the realm of suggestions. Just about everybody has ideas for Guild Wars 2. From tiny tweaks to massive overhauls, there’s no shortage of concepts being imagined and built upon by our posters; in this sandstorm of proposals, it’s easy to miss the glint of a diamond in the rough. Over the course of our Primordus Visions: Highlights series, we’ll be sifting through the dunes to find these magical artifacts, and displaying the most well constructed and presented suggestion threads on our front page. Think you’ve got what it takes to snag a spot in this museum of wonders? Then head on over to the forums and start posting! For our first highlight, we’d like to bring to your attention a post by Shriketalon about diversifying the way energy and the management of resources works in Guild Wars 2. Ever wonder how Ranger pets could better benefit the player, or if Captain Planet will make an appearance in a group full of Elementalists? Shriketalon’s got you covered! His thread, Thinking About Energy, MKII: Etheric Boogaloo, is well structured, intelligently written, and a fine example of what Primordus Visions is all about. We’re already seeing some great feedback on his idea, but there’s always room for more constructive discussion. So what are you waiting for? Let Guru know how you feel!
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