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The forums and Twitter are abuzz with some new information from the PC Gamer camp. Just a few moments ago they posted their Big 10 of 2011 and included Guild Wars 2 in the mix -- along with a screenshot of Logan Thackeray captioned "Logan Thackeray represents the Guardian profession in GW2's iconic adventuring group." While fans are all-around excited for the new information, they are also curious about the validity of the reveal and if ArenaNet gave permission to leak early. Josh Augustine, author of the article, replied here on Guru confirming that it is an official profession and that they indeed had permission to post it along with the screenshot:

Josh: "Just to clarify (I'm the author of the GW2 article), we were given the image by NCSoft PR and given permission to run the image and confirm that it was Logan Thackeray, a Guardian profession-character, in this article at this time."

'I even double-checked with them last week to make sure that it was okay to post it now, and they confirmed that it was."

'IMPORTANT: I do not know anything beyond that. Whether this is the profession that ArenaNet said they would be revealing in January, or how the Guardian class plays or any details about it, or when ArenaNet is planning to reveal more information. All I know is that Logan Thackeray is a Guardian, which will be a profession, and that he's the man in that image."

As I write this, Regina Buenaobra has also confirmed in the thread that the guardian is in fact the next profession for Guild Wars 2 and that it will revealed officially next Thursday on GuildWars2.com:

Regina: "Glad you’re excited. :-) We’re excited as well. No need to kill your F5 keys over the weekend. We will have a full reveal of the guardian, along with all the goodies (pics, videos), next Thursday. :-)"

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