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Vorsakan's been a busy bee lately! He's gone and created two profession spotlights using all the information that we've gleaned over the past six months or so to highlight the possibility of minion masters and longshot warriors within the Guild Wars 2 universe. Feeling in the dumps because of the profession "reveal"? Is your F5 button broken because of how much you've used it this month? You might want to check yourself into Corsair's Profession Reveal Rehab! Zidane's brought over some amazing armor concept art for human warriors that you'll want to check out (and subscribe to for future updates). In fact, the fellow to the left of the screen is one of his creations! And last, but not least, we have a very cool remixed trailer created by Elemak. Can't wait to see what he comes up with when he gets some in-game footage to work with. If you have a suggestion for a future community spotlight, send me a PM my way!
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