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Have some questions about Guild Wars 2 that you want answered? Want to get in a few questions about the Guardian? This Thursday, January 27th at 12PM PST/8PM GMT, you’ll have your chance at the Guild Wars 2 Guru’s LIVE dev chat on IRC! If you are unfamiliar with IRC, you can join by using our new web client. On the date and time of the chat, our web client will be changed to automatically have you join the dev chat channel and our official Guru channel. You may converse freely with each other in the Guru channel as the live chat goes on.

How to connect and submit a question using the web client

1. On Jan. 27th at 12PM PST/8PM GMT, connect to IRC using our web client. 2. Select Questions from the user list and choose “query” from the drop-down. This will open a new chat window. 3. Submit your question in the new chat window. 4. To exit the private query, simply click on the small "x".

Server information for those that already have an IRC client

irc.gamesurge.net  6667 The channel will be announced the day before the chat.

If you are unable to attend the dev chat, you may submit your questions in the forum thread. The live chat will be logged, formatted and posted on our forums once the chat is over. So get your thinking caps on and your questions ready for Thursday! We'll see you there.
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