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Episode 27: The Guardiano: Sequel Scuttlebutt

All the news and hub bub about the ironclad evolution of the monk into the guardian of Guild Wars 2. ArenaNet’s indication of heightened emphasis on various roles per profession.

Speculator’s Corner

Sin type class confirmed Now with role focuses, what will the roles of mesmer and “assassin” be? Differences between warriors and guardians, and why make a warrior?

Togo’s Soapbox

Why is Guild Wars so easy? I hit max level too fast.


What is there to do at max level (20)?


Episode 34 of GuildCast is out:

This week’s episode of Guildcast is all guardian, all the time! Okay, that’s not strictly true, because we started with some chat about Massively Overpowered and the Guild Wars Livestreaming events on Massively. We also addressed Shawn’s mesmer fixation by talking about an awesome thread on GuildWars2guru devoted to the GW2 mesmer. Don’t worry, though, we still had plenty of time to talk in depth about the guardian, and we can’t wait to hear what you think!

Finally, we delved into our email pile, and are gearing up for the roundtable episode next week. It’s going to be a great show — we’ll see you then!


Episode 19 of the live GuildMag podcast is out, as well:

Hello everyone and a very happy profession reveal day to you all! Today in the show we talk about the Guardian profession that was just released by ArenaNet. We also pick up some of your burning questions about the game and we reveal a GuildMag PodCast special comming up on February 1st. For details on that and everything Guardian, now Sabre Wolf’s main profession for Guild Wars 2, download and listen to the show via iTunes.


Sabre Wolf brings us another video update, this one focusing on the guardian profession:

Hello everyone, I am Sabre Wolf. Welcome to another edition of the Guild Wars 2 Info Update on VidThru.com. In this episode I go over the key points of the fifth profession to be released by Arena Net for Guild Wars 2, called the Guardian. I also have video examples from the Guild Wars 2 game and a breakdown on how a new skill system, Virtue, works.


Ravious from KillTenRats gives us another outstanding blog post to read! He covers the guardian and gives his thoughts about the profession as a whole. Here's an excerpt:

The guardian is the first brand new Guild Wars 2 profession, but it definitely owes most of its existence to past Guild Wars professions. For a Guild Wars player, a good way to describe the guardian might be to call it a warrior steak with a side of monk potato and a small helping of ritualist carrots all covered in paragon gravy. Unlike the monk the guardian’s job is not to make red bars go up, and unlike the paragon the guardian will not have any physical ranged attack. Still the guardian owes a debt to the three Guild Wars professions that will likely not return for Guild Wars 2 launch.


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