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It's the last day of Human Week and Ree Soesbee does not disappoint! Today's blog post is filled with juicy lore tidbits regarding the three martial forces of Kryta - the Seraph, the Ministry Guard, and the Shining Blade.  The Seraph act as the overall protectors of the populace, the Ministry Guard serve the ministers and government officials and the Shining Blade act as the Queen's own personal bodyguards. Here are a few excerpts (the blog has the full descriptions):


The most numerous of the Krytan military organizations is the Seraph. They stretch their influence across the nation, with outposts in every major town, and patrols that struggle to keep roads free of bandit attacks and centaur raids. Yet they are also the most beleaguered, struggling to maintain supplies and munitions for their soldiers. The highest rank in the Seraph is captain. At any given time, the queen has from five to ten captains in the Seraph; each operates independently, but in coordination, under her command.

Ministry Guard

The second largest martial unit is the Ministry Guard. Typically seen only in Divinity’s Reach, it is their task to keep the peace in the ministry and provide personal security for the Krytan ministers and their aides. This usually also translates into being protectors of the nobility of Kryta, most of whom are heavily involved in the ministry.

Shining Blade

Although they are the smallest and least-known of the Krytan military units, the Shining Blade are superlatively trained as an elite force. Unknown to most of the populace, many of the Shining Blade also perform more covert duties. From spying on political enemies to carrying secret messages throughout the nation, the Shining Blade carries out hidden missions at the request of the Krytan Throne. Their leader is the Master Examplar of the Shining Blade, a position appointed by the queen. The Master Exemplar reports only to the queen, and may supercede the authority of either of the other two branches of military with the queen’s permission. The rest of the blog talks about the constant shift of power between the three martial branches and how the bandit and centaur raids are affecting the Seraph and that because of that, the Ministry Guard gaining the upper ground in Divinity's Reach. It seems that Queen Jennah headed for some troublesome times with Legate Minister Caudecus and the Ministry Guard. (comments)
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