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Yesterday, Jerramen O’Donnell, one of ArenaNet’s Quality Assurance (QA) team members, posted insight into what the QA department is and what they do for ArenaNet. Here's an excerpt:

... We have a team responsible for testing each and every one of the hundreds of dynamic events. Another team combs over each map, making sure no seam goes uncovered and no gap goes unfilled. We even have a “mercenary” team, which helps any team or department facing a particularly large workload.

Beyond that, individual QA members serve on ArenaNet’s strike teams. These strike teams, who are assembled from several departments, focus on one specific aspect of the game: crafting, PvP, story, and other cool things that I can’t tell you about yet.

Not only does the QA team have to bug test, but they also have many more responsibilities that you might not have expected. Make sure you read the entire article if you're interested in learning what the QA team is all about!

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