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So, we know that the norn are big, but their architecture? Even bigger. Today, Martin Kerstein posted on the ArenaNet blog about norn architecture. This comes in response to people making queries about the little figures spotted in the image from yesterday's blog post.

The philosophy behind it all is, of course, "Go big or Go Home." When looking at the screenshot of a norn character juxtaposed against a norn structure, it becomes evident just how big and grand it all is - it's massive!

The five great structures of Hoelbrak – the Great Lodge and the four lodges dedicated to the Spirits of the Wild – are built on such a scale that even the mighty norn look small in comparison.

For those anxious to get their hands on GW2 and play the norn race, look forward to not only towering over your fellow players, but norn architecture towering over you!

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