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How this information has not been leaked yet, I do not know. It's big, folks. And when I say big, I mean game changing big. Today, ArenaNet has given the go-ahead to release this information, so here goes. Given that the GW2 beta is scheduled for late August 2012, ArenaNet wanted to give everyone a head start on purchasing their iPads. Wait, what did you just say? That's right, folks. Guild Wars 2 will be releasing exclusively to the iPad! It seems ArenaNet was already headed in that direction with their smartphone and iPad apps revealed last year at PAX, but the final decision came after everyone in the company received iPads for their Christmas gift. Guild Wars 2 Guru was fortunate enough to snag an exclusive interview with ArenaNet themselves!

Why the iPad? When we all got our free iPads last Christmas, we just couldn't put them down. It had gotten to a point where no one was doing any work anymore. Everyone was busy playing on their new iPads! You could imagine our frustration. The only way we could get the developers to continue working was to allow them to do their work on their new iPad. After that, it was pretty much a domino effect. We were spending thousands of dollars creating new apps for the developers, testers and artists (where do you think the Sketch Club comes from?). It was then when we decided the most logical thing to do was to scrap what we we were developing for the PC and start working on it for the iPad.

You guys scrapped the PC version of the game?! Well, not all of it. We had to save the demo for conventions so that we could keep the real project under wraps. You can't imagine all the inside jokes we've come up with after watching you guys play the demo!

But really - computers are the past and devices like the iPad are the future. We plan on making a ton of money with this thing -- microtransactions, game modification apps. In-game advantages such as extremely powerful elite skills and the ability to have twelve skills on your bar instead of the default will definitely be the first two that we make available after our first expansion - which, by the way, we plan on releasing two weeks after release for a mere $39.99.

I.. don't know what to say... [Laughter.] You don't have to say anything. Just keep swinging that sword! (Sword upgrades as low as $1.99 coming to a microtransaction near you!)

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