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Today we look at a thread proposing a feature that when implemented well is hardly noticeably and when implemented badly is a real pain in the ass. Bad Language Filter by Fyloh takes a look at just that, the language filter in MMOs. Fyloh prefaces the post with a little information on why the thread was made and gave us a bit of an idea on where he was coming from and why it was made. This is useful as not everybody can see things from another point of view easily, so having that explained can help people understand the reasons for the idea better. The idea itself entails the replacing of the offensive words with less offensive phrases, for example changing out ***hole for dung heap. People and comments in the thread bring it further and come up with ideas for custom filters that people can edit and change to their desire. And, of course, you don't have to use the filter as it has the option of turning it off. The idea is clearly stated and there was plenty of good input from the preceding posts, just what we like to see in a Primordus Visions thread.
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