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Part two of OnlineWeltens epic interview with ArenaNet is now up! Thanks to Tr0n and Dutch Sunshine  for letting us know so quickly.

Onlinewelten: Is there some kind of hierarchy among the dragons? Eye of the North gave the impression that Primordus was the boss.

Ree Soesbee: There is no hierarchy. Primordus is the boss of Primordus’s servants, whom we saw in Guild Wars: Eye of the North as the destroyers. Primordus was also the first dragon to ‘awaken’ in the world, although the actions of the player characters in that chronicle pushed back his actual rise for several generations. The other dragons, including Zhaitan and Jormag, are independent entities, powerful and inscrutable like forces of nature – and completely uncontrollable, even by one another.

German translation, here. English translation, here. As usual, if you want to discuss this story then check out this forum thread, containing insight and discussion of the interview. If you somehow managed to miss part one, then links to that can be found here.
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