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Today, Jonathan Sharp gives fans a look at Battle of Khylo, a PvP map for Guild Wars 2!. Click here for the full article.


• Capture points • Team bases • Trebuchet • Repair kits

Use all of these locations to boost your team's score while lowering that of your opponents. You can also greatly increase your team's damage output and capacity to hold capture points by utilizing the trebuchets. Don't forget to watch out for the opponents trying to repair their trebuchets - kill them (with fire!!)!


• Choke points • Line of sight • Destructible objects • Mobility • Flanking

Ah - reminded of what we love about the game - the importance of skill. Increase your team's likelihood of winning by playing smart and taking advantage of terrain opportunities.

But there's even more that Sharp addresses. He covers the various professions and gives examples and tips of what they can do to maximize their utility in a group. For example, a warrior "can combine the utility skills Fear Me and Bull’s Charge to fear someone away from you and then charge them from behind, knocking them down!" On the other hand, an elementalist may want to "start the cast for the earth skill Churning Earth and then use the utility skill Lightning Flash to quickly close the distance to your target. If you time it right, it’s a great combo!"

How do you feel about the model? Does it remind you of Alliance Battles or anything else from Guild Wars?


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