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If you haven't been keeping up with the news lately, ArenaNet is planning on "unveiling" Guild Wars 2 to the Asian market at G*Star this weekend.

There was plenty of speculation going around that something big was going to be announced on the 11th, but last week Eric Flannum put that to rest:

Eric Flannum: "Since you asked nicely There is not going to be any sort of beta related announcement on the 11th. There will be a blogpost going up that week but it is in no way beta related. Sorry for the confusion guys."

Eric Flannum: "Thanks for catching that. No 8th profession reveal either guys... sorry to be the bearer of bad news. That reveal is still on track for this year but not the week of the 11th."

We didn't really expect to get anything newsworthy out of G*star, but Lowen posted a link to ThisIsGame, a Korean gaming news outlet, that included three videos (and some screenshots) of the demo being presented this weekend, which prompted another post by Eric:

Eric Flannum: "The G-Star demo does indeed feature some new things. Some things are for this demo only, for example the armor you see is high level armor which will indeed appear as an option in the western version of the game but for the korean demo we start out players wearing it. We'll explain things in a series of blog posts this week so sit tight, more info is on the way."

Here's one of the videos showing the character creation of a female human elementalist:

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