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As promised, today we have more information on the official ArenaNet blog regarding the changes to the demo that's being shown at G*Star this weekend. A few details of the Guild Wars 2 GStar build include:

• A first look at a localized Korean version of the Human Starting Area featuring fully localized text and voice overs along with character designs specially designed for Eastern markets • Enhanced ways to obtain Skill Points through gameplay that provides an additional layer to unlocking your multiple skill sets in the Guild Wars 2 • Updated character customization including a revamped dye system and newly added body and face customization • Opportunity to participate in one of three boss fights – The Shadow Behemoth, Tequatl, or The Shatter boss fight will be activated at the end of each demo

Latest Dev Quotes

Regina Buenaobra: "Hey everyone, I'm seeing a bit of confusion about the G-Star demo. Given that this demo is being presented in Asia and that we are further along in development, we have been able to add in options that make the game look more visually appealing and we have also tweaked it so that the people attending G-Star will find it approachable. The faces and armors are not region-specific. A few faces that would be more appealing to Asian gamers were added to the G-Star demo. Everyone has access to those faces. We put in some flashier armor for the G-Star demo, but that armor is available as high-level armor to everyone. Again: the reason you see faces that would be more appealing to Asian markets in the G-Star demo, but not the more Western faces is because this is a demo for a convention in Asia. It doesn't mean that we have [removed] more Western-looking faces from the game, but rather we are tailoring the demo experience to the region. It's good marketing. There will be a video later this week that will show you just how flexible the character creator is in terms of making faces that are appealing to your preferences--whether it is more youthful features or whether you want your character to be more battle-weary/rugged. So don't stress out about it." Eric Flannum: "First, we did not add new armor to make the game look more asian. All we did was make our lower level characters wear some higher level armor because our research has shown us that in Asian markets, character appearance is extremely important (more so than in the west) and we wanted players in the demo to see some of the fancier armor. If you go back and look at concepts we've previously released you can find almost every single armor that we are showing at G-Star. These armors have always been planned to be in the game and none of them are replacing armors that you've previously seen. Second, We added a lot of detail to our character faces, added some new faces to the character creator, temporarily removed others (those that we didn't have time to touch up for the demo or simply didn't like) and kept some of them the same but touched them up to match the new faces. The addition of these new faces will not mean the removal of any faces that we may have otherwise had. Tyria is a pretty diverse place and always has been. We have always wanted to allow players the option to have their humans look Ascalonian, Canthan, Krytan, and Elonan. Until now we mostly had Ascalonian with a few Krytan style faces here and there. It seemed like a good idea to add some of our Canthan style faces for the G-Star demo. Once again, the addition of Canthan and eventually Elonan style facial features has always been the plan. We also changed the appearance of some of our NPC's. This happens all the time as we gain more options with our composite system which uses all the art that we use for our players. NPC's have changed appearance between demos before and you can continue to expect them to change appearance as we continue development. Again, as we add more Canthan and Elonan style faces into the game you can expect to see more characters with these features appear both PC and NPC. I hope this clears things up."

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