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Last week during the Reddit Q&A it was mentioned that we would receive a blog post today on some thief changes so it's no surprise that the blog was updated today. But not only did we get info on the thief, we also received an in-depth explanation on the achievement system and what kind of fine tuning that has been happening in the background.


Achievements are long-term goals with purely cosmetic rewards. • Daily achievements are short-term, easy-to-complete goals that reward you with gold and experience. • Monthly achievements are medium-term goals that encourage a variety of play and reward you with gold and experience. • Titles can be earned by completing certain achievement tracks.

Thief Changes Overview

Improved Steal - Instead having your skill bar change once an item was stolen, stealing now "pockets" the item and allows you to use your regular skills until you decide to use F1 to switch to the stolen item skill bar. • Improved Backstab - Backstab was removed from the dagger skill bar and instead made into one of the many stealth skills. When stealthed, the first skill is changed to Backstab or similar, depending on what main-hand weapon you're using (e.g., Sneak Attack for pistols).

The problem was that the animations for these skills had follow-through that was preventing players from using another skill until the animations were finished. You could stun or chase someone, but it was hard to capitalize on it.

Our programmers added technology to our skill data to allow us to specify a point in an animation at which the player could start moving again.

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