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One of the first things that I looked for after joining the ArenaNet-created guild for the press (Heroes of Tyria [HOT]) is if guild functionality was in. I am happy to announce that yes, yes it was. That’s right, folks. Today marks the day that we can finally put the Guild into Guild Wars 2.

The first thing that you see when you open the guild tab -- if you currently aren’t representing a guild -- is the Guild Join screen. It shows a brief explanation of what a guild is and lists all of the guilds that you have been invited to. Even if you haven’t accepted an invite, they will still be listed under the Account Guilds drop-down menu. From there you can choose between representing the guild, ignoring the invite and permanently leaving it/removing the invitation. Once you’ve chosen to represent a guild, you will start to gain influence as you play. The more you socialize and group with your guild during leveling and other activities, the more influence your guild can gain. For instance, the last time [HOT] received influence was when people completed events, engaged in PvP and did soloed content -- nine events were completed for 189 influence, one PvP match was won for 110 influence, and 37 solo activities gave the guild 82 influence. “But what is influence good for?” you ask. A lot. Below the Roster tab is the Upgrades tab and within it you have four different categories: Politics, Art of War, Economy, and Architecture. Politics represents things such as PvE influence gain buffs, guild emblems, guild armor and weapon contracts and guild party items. Art of War is pretty self-explanatory -- you’ll find WvW and Structured PvP buffs and influence gains, less-costly siege weaponry and suits. Right now there are few upgrades for Economy, but they’re still highly useful for a growing guild. This tree houses your karma, experience, magic find and gathering buffs. Last but not least, we have Architecture. Architecture represents the bones of your guild, the upgrades that truly support your guild no matter what stage of growth you are in. They are things such as your guild bank, bank expansions and the ability to build more than one upgrade at a time. That’s right, a build queue. Each upgrade takes a certain amount of time to build, ranging from 16 hours to one week. Not to fret, though. If you’re willing to pay the price, you can reduce the build time by 25% for a good chunk of guild influence. If you find yourself a little light on influence, you can always hit up the Guild Promoter in each major city. He’ll sell you some booze to “donate” to the inhabitants of Tyria. How many citizens you influence? How much gold do you have? 100 gold can net you 10,000 influence if you’re willing to spend it. I know it’s a lot of information to take in, but I can almost guarantee we’ll be seeing more added before Guild Wars 2’s release. Not only will we see the list of upgrades fleshed out, but there’s also things like guild capes to think about. In fact, I’m crossing my fingers for an assortment of styles such as capes like in Guild Wars, hooded cloaks, tabards and sashes. What kind of guild-related things are you hoping for?

(And yes, those are vendors sitting outside the Ascalon Catacombs dungeon.) (comments)
With all this new information, we thought it was the perfect time to open up our very own Guild Recruitment forums. And, as always, make sure you check out the stickies before posting!
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