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Guilds & Catacomb Dungeon Merchants

First things first, I want to start off with some new information - the guild system in Guild Wars 2. I've written a short article on it here, but it also comes with video:

At the end of the video we also see what the Ascalon Catacombs dungeon offers in terms of rewards. The currency is yet unknown, but definitely not something you pick up in Story Mode (or at least not in this CBT).

Character Creation Vids

This CBT brings us new faces, new hairstyles, tattoos and more.

Human Character Creation (Male & Female)Charr Character Creation (Male & Female)Norn Character Creation (Male & Female)

Starter Instances

This weekend we were only shown the charr, norn and human races. We've managed to capture each of the starting instances for your viewing pleasure with the help of a mesmer, engineer and thief.

Charr Starting InstanceHuman Starting InstanceNorn Starting Instance

City Tours

Even though each city has its own Tour & Information Guides, we felt like we should go the extra mile and record a tour of each major city. Well, more like limp through each city because of frame rate issues.

HoelbrakDivinity's Reach • Black Citadel

Profession Skills

Here are vids showcasing the skills for each class. Unfortunately I didn't get anything on traits because I hadn't realized that my auto-leveling to 30 included a book in my inventory to unlock the first tier. *sadface*



Each of these videos contain the emotes that are in the game (in this order: /beckon /bow /cheer /cower /cry /kneel /laugh /no /point /ponder /salute /shrug /sit /sleep /surprised /threaten /wave /yes). I'm not sure if this is going to stay as is, but in order to direct your emote to a specific person or thing, you must target them/it and type something like this: /wave @ - the emote would change from "Kvinna waves." to "Kvinna waves at Jenn."

Female Norn, Male NornFemale Charr, Male CharrFemale Human, Male Human

Skill Points - Videos on Book Collectables & Jumping Puzzle

One thing you'll take away after watching the profession skill videos is the skill points that are required to purchase utility and elite skills. Not only do you receive a point each time you level, but there are various trials out in the world that grant you extra points. They can come in the form of bestiary book collectables, NPC brawls and random jumping puzzles throughout the lands (GL Simon and Lewis).


Last December, Eric Flannum wrote an end of the year article and included some new information on the achievement system. Today, we have a video for you that shows all the current achievements in the game, including a few titles you can receive for them.

PvE Gameplay

Unfortunately time ran out for us and we were only able to get PvE gameplay footage on a couple of professions, but we did manage to get some awesome footage of the Acalon Catacombs from the guardian perspective.

Click the image above to begin watching our Ascalon Catacombs footage from the viewpoint of the guardian profession.

[Part II] [Part III] [Part IV] [Part V]

• Female Norn Mesmer [Part I], [Part II] •

PvP Videos

Not only did we manage to get some WvW videos, but we also recorded a structured PvP match for each profession across all of the current maps.

The Mists PvP MerchantsPvP Armor Bank SlotsWvW World Bonuses & Map ExplorationGuardian (Structured)Elementalist (Structured) • Engineer (Structured) • Mesmer (Structured) • [More coming later.]

Miscellaneous: Gathering, Dye Merchant, Hero Panel, Minipets, End of Beta Event

These are some of the smaller videos that were recorded to show off some of the things people might miss.

Gathering AnimationsDye Merchant & Map of Divinity's Reach (Colorful Seeds currently drop randomly from mobs.) • Main Hero PanelMinipetsEnd of Beta Event

I'll continue updating this post as we get more videos uploaded to our YouTube account!
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