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Peer Pressure

Hype still holds people fixated to ArenaNet‘s latest venture into the MMO world. Everyone feels the pressure to play Guild Wars 2. And why not? It holds nearly everything an MMO gamer is looking for: easy-to-join PvP, a dynamic world, and — just discovered this week — an auction house that appears to rival the best of them. Elisabeth, can you tell us more about that? No? An NDA? I see; well, maybe we can convince to talk about it during the show.


Episode #20: Aftershock

Despite the 3 hour show we had last week, there was still tons of info that we needed to follow up with this week. Two major blog updates, another Reddit AMA (ask me anything), and a tangent here or there. We also discuss the possible upcoming beta test, or do we?

• 04:30 - News: Beta Development Update, Various Links, WvW Clarifications • 42:00 - Roundtable: WvW Clarifications, Reddit AMA

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