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Members of Alt Tab Me have created a brand new podcast for the Guild Wars 2 community. You can view the podcast here. Make sure to give them your thoughts in their Guru mega-thread!

Podcast Schedule
00:3:00- Why should you play GW2
00:5:04- Sidekick System
00:9:29- Immersion, Exploration and the payoff
00:10:56- Types of "quests"
00:15:08- Difference between Dynamic Events and Heart Areas
00:16:45- Dynamic Event specifics/Branching/failing and still winning!
00:19:18- Not rushing to 80/freedom to choose how you play through the world
00:22:00- Travelling/Waypoint System
00:25:30- Levels of participation and rewards from events
00:28:00- Learning Curve/lack of trinity
00:33:00-00:38:00- class choice based on style and preference not group necessity
00:38:40- Beauty/Scale of the game world
00:43:40-Graphics and detail of the world
00:46:45- Day/Night Cycle Lengths
00:51:30- How important is gear?
00:55:00-01:00:00 Why skilled play and learning your class matters/Combat
01:00:47-Targeting and AoE casting/Dodging
01:02:15-Mobility in Combat
01:03:50-Weapon Swapping/skills linked to weaponry
01:08:02-Melee to ranged flexibility of classes with weapon swapping
01:10:04-Using skills for survivability
01:12:25-Fluidity, hectic nature of combat
01:15:45-Resurrecting players from downed state
01:20:20-Importance of approaching GW2 with an open mind, and learning to adapt
01:22:04-Discussing a more involved tutorial
01:25:50-Opening the Stream to questions from chat
01:27:04-Question #1 about weapon skills.
01:29:30-Question #2 about class balance.
01:25:40-Question #3 about end game.
01:38:13-Question #4 about spending Karma points on gear.
01:39:41-Explanation of Transmutation process of gear.
01:46:52-Question #5 about in-game pets.
01:48:53-Question #6 about crafting.
01:54:48-Question #7 about microtransactions.
01:59:40-Question #8 about sidekicking.
01:59:50-Question #9 about transitioning from WoW to GW2.
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